Glimpses - June 14th, 2016

A glimpse at the life of a woman in three stages of her life, as symbolized by “The Bells” by Edgar Suski.

The struggles of childhood visiting a demented grandfather, dealing with voices in her head and not fitting in, and later finding the strength and joy to continue as she becomes a woman.

Finding peace and love. Becoming a mother and creating a family with the husband she loves, and losing it all in one tragic moment.

The last phase finds her lost within herself fighting demons and the loneliness of her loss. Until one day she hear the words: “Despite all your sad ways, beauty remains.” She ponders upon her life, past present and future, and finds herself in a dreamlike stage. “Is all that we see, or seem, but a dream within a dream?”

A glimpse at the soul of the poets who created the words.

A glimpse at the soul of composers who made the poems sing.

A glimpse at the soul of the musicians who made the pieces come alive.



Alondra Vega-Zaldivar (soprano)

Edgar Suski (piano)

Joel Tangjerd (cello)

George Harris (flute)

Will Ford (tenor)


The Bells by Edgar Suski

Canadian composer and pianist Edgar Suski brings excerpts of the poem The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe

Horizons by Matthew Tozer

Canadian composer Matthew Tozer brings "Horizons" based on poetry by Anna Ling Kaye

A Haunted Tableau by Alondra Vega-Zaldivar

When a lonely ghost and a sad girl have a conversation, they realized both feel invisible and yearn to have someone to talk to. Longing to not feel like a ghost after all.

Start Over Again by Shane Maxwell Beck

Canadian composer Shane Maxwell Beck brought us a piece designed so that the words and harmonies are not nomenclature. It is complex in its simplicity and simple in its complexity.

Images by Joseph Glasser

Canadian composer Joseph Glasser brought us "Images." Joseph is currently working on a one-act opera for FAWN

Altitude by Mavis MacNeil

American composer Mavis MacNeil based her piece on the beautiful poem  by Lola Ridge

Themes from Parenthood by Ivana Jokic

Canadian composer Ivana Jokic dedicates Theme from Parenthood to her parents, collecting from her friends and family who are parents

La Juventud Desesperada by Malina Rauschenfels

American Composer Malina Rauschenfels brought us La Juventud Desesperada - The Desperate Youth, a heart wrenching piece about children forced into drug cartels and sex trafficking in Latin America

Transfigurations by Aaron Joseph Lee

Canadian composer Aaron Lee brought us a piece with text from Johann Weyer’s “De praestigiis daemonum”

Blossoms by Liam Elliot

Canadian composer Liam Elliot brought us Blossoms, a poem by Harry Thurston

A Dream Within a Dream by Kit Soden

Canadian composer Kit Soden sets the poem A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe


01 Feb 2019


Cries of the Earth is our newest International Opera in the works. We have 15 composers from all around the world and 6 North American Performers.

01 Feb 2019

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