Cries of the Earth - Rethink, Recycle, Revalue

Maria and Gaston live in one of the most beautiful islands on the planets. The clear blue water, the silky white sands, the diverse fauna and colourful flora, all contribute to their blissful existence,  without a worry in the world. 

That is until they meet and old woman who changes their lives and opens the eyes of Maria to the truth of a planet suffocated by plastic waste and crying out with all its might for help. A once blue planet dying a toxic death. 

Cries of the Earth is an exploration on the issues that assail our planet nowadays and in search of solutions that will assist us in the healing of our world. 

This year we have 10 Canadian and 3 International composers each tasked with writing one Art Song that either presents a current problem, or offers a possible solution. 

On July 2019 six Canadian and one American performers will bring each Art Song to life as part of our newest opera Cries of the Earth.

Coming to Array Music Space on July 26 and 27, and to the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church on July 28. Click here for more info.

** Can't make it to the performances? No problem! We will be setting a Live Stream for both Toronto performances on July 26 and 27, and for a suggested donation of $5 you can watch the production from the comfort of your home**

Array Music Space

Date: July 26 - 7PM, July 27 - 2pm 

Location: 155 Walnut St., Toronto

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church


Date: July 28 - 2pm

Location: 10066 Yonge St., Richmond Hill


01 Feb 2019


This year we have 10 Canadian composers and 4 International composers. Reaching Australia, South Korea and the USA we are excited to see how such variety of musical styles come together in one modern opera. 

01 Feb 2019


We are happy to be collaborating again with Toronto based cellist Joel Tangjerd and soprano Gwenna Fiarchild-Taylor; and all the way from Texas, pianist Caitlin Frasure. This year we are welcoming tenor Jonathan R. MacArthur, violinist Meghan Cheng and percussionist Evan Bowen to the fourth edition of ASCP. 

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