Who Are We?

We are a collective of composers, performers and artists aiming to breach the limitations of the vocal repertoire of our century.

Refined by Franz Schubert in the 19th century, an Art Song is the musical setting of a poem or text usually for solo voice and piano.

Honed by many composers through the centuries, an Opera is a dramatic work in one or more acts set to music for singers and instrumentalists. 

Our vision is to not only elaborate and expand on these ideas, but also blur the lines between song and opera while exploring the similarities between the two genres.  

The Art Song Collaborative Project was originally created as an opportunity to perform the music of upcoming Canadian and International composers of the 21st century. Since then it has evolved into an exploration of drama through Art Songs.

Every year we bring together a team of composers and performers in the collaboration of a modern opera.

The composers are tasked with writing one song using any style, medium and instruments they are comfortable with. Each unique Art Song presenting a character, a scene, or emotion, is compiled, organized into a cohesive story, and workshopped with the musicians as a fully developed Opera. 

The Operas are premiered in different cities of Ontario, Canada. 

All - Coming Home  4660web jpg 8x10.jpg

Only a third of the collaborators for the 2018 Coming Home. Photo Credit:  Scott Newirth


01 Feb 2019


This year Cries of the Earth will be exploring the theme of Rethink, Recycle, Revalue. Touching upon the many environmental issues we have to solve immediately.  

01 Feb 2019


This year we have 10 Canadian composers and 4 International composers. Reaching Australia,  South Korea and the USA we are excited to see how such variety of musical styles come together in one modern opera. 

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