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Who are We?

​We are a collective of composers, performers and artists aiming to breach the limitations of the vocal repertoire of our century. Based in Toronto, Ontario, The Art Song Collaborative Project brings together composers and performers in the creation and performance of a new modern opera each year. 

Refined by Franz Schubert in the 19th century, an Art Song is the musical setting of a poem or text usually for solo voice and piano. Honed by many composers through the centuries, an Opera is a dramatic work in one or more acts set to music for singers and instrumentalists. 

Our vision is to not only elaborate and expand on these ideas, but also blur the lines between song and opera while exploring the similarities between the two genres.  ​

The composers are tasked with writing one song using any style, medium and instruments they are comfortable with. Each unique Art Song is compiled, organized into a cohesive story, and workshopped with the musicians as a fully developed Opera. 

Originally created as an opportunity to perform the music of upcoming Canadian and International composers of the 21st century, the Project has evolved into an exploration of drama through Art Songs. Through the year we have collaborated with composers from Canada, USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

Blurring the genres of Song and Opera, the Project aims to bring awareness to the damage we are causing our planet and hope to inspire solutions to our current problems

All - Coming Home  4660web jpg 8x10.jpg

Only a third of the collaborators for the 2018 Coming Home. Photo Credit:  Scott Newirth

Consume Us.png

ASCP 2019 performing Cries of the Earth - an opera through art song

​​​​​​​Since 2018 we have focused on creating an opera through song that reflects on how we can all be better to our planet and to each other.

In 2019 we gave our composers the theme of "re-think, recycle, re-value", challenging to consider the problems of plastic pollution to our planet. With 13 new Art Songs reflecting on how our greed and carelessness towards our home is damaging the animals and plants that coexist with us. 

"Cries of the Earth" was performed twice in Toronto at the Array Music Space and had a third performance in Richmond Hill. We felt our message needed to be heard by as many people as possible, and so we ensured a great quality video performance: here

This year we continue to work towards advocating for our planet. Our newest production: Terra's Resurgence will focus on the solutions we have achieved and can attain with open minds and hearts. 

We want to inspire everyone to think of ways that we can reduce our footprint on our Earth. Let us all work towards a clean and healthy planet, and towards a GREEN future. 




Alondra Vega-Zaldivar

Founder and Curator

Inspired so sing music by living composers. Determined to advocate for our planet Earth.

But organizing the Project is only half the fun, singing the pieces is the real dream come true as I get to experience what the composers poured in their music. 


Caitlin Frasure

Assistant Manager

Coming the the USA and a fierce performer of new music. 

Since our "Coming Home" opera, Caitlin has been devoted to the ASCP, not only playing piano, but also helping with managing and organization.

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