How was this project born?

In 2015 I graduated from my MMus and with diploma in one hand and thesis in another i began to ponder about the next step. No one had taught me what happens after one leaves the warm bubble of school?  

No one ever taught me how one "makes it" as a composer of new art music in Toronto.

After a few disappointing months of applications to competitions, workshops, residencies, and feeling aimless, I decided I would stop chasing opportunities. Rather, I would create my own opportunities. 

Photo Cred: Jazmina Alzaiat

As an experiment I reached out to come composer friends from Canada and the United States and asked each for an Art Song for soprano and 1 to 3 instruments.

Using 11 pieces by different composers, Glimpses - a Music Drama through Art Song, took the audience in an abstract journey through the life of a woman.  


In the following year I expanded the project into a Call for Scores, looking for whimsical pieces that reflected the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Receiving over 60 compositions, our program selected 14 different composers from North America and Europe, and together we created In Wonderland, and Opera based on the book by Lewis Carroll. 

Organized by Alondra, the Project was funded with the help of our Indiegogo Campaign and our great sponsor Yana Fishman from the 88Keys Music and Learning Center. 

To help us in the funding of our upcoming project consider ordering a copy of the CD or DVD from In Wonderland here: 


How it evolved

Last year the idea developed into The Art Song  Collaborative

Project, a collaboration between 10 Canadian and 5

International composers along with 6 North American performers, and several librettists, poets and artists. The project created Coming Home - a Modern Opera through Art Song, an exploration of the meaning of Home, through the eyes of a recent widow and her young daughter as they tread unknown paths in search for new beginnings. 

Coming Home premiered in Toronto and London Ontario this past July 2018. To hear sample of the pieces or purchase the album click here.

What is it now?

This year The Art Song Collaborative Project has brought 10 Canadian, 2 American and 1 Australian composer to collaborate on "Cries of the Earth".


This July 26-28 6 Canadian and 1 American performer will give life to our new International Opera that brings awareness to the plastic pollution crisis we are facing.  

We hope that it will open the eyes of our audience and urge them to think upon changes we must make as humans if we are to save our Earth. 

Cries of the Earth will be premiering in Toronto, Ontario on July 26 and 27 and on Richmond Hill on July 28.

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