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Glimpses (2016)


The Bells by Edgar Suski

Canadian composer and pianist Edgar Suski brings excerpts of the poem The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe

Horizons by Matthew Tozer

Canadian composer Matthew Tozer brings "Horizons" based on poetry by Anna Ling Kaye

Images by Joseph Glasser

Canadian composer Joseph Glasser brought us "Images." Joseph is currently working on a one-act opera for FAWN

Themes from Parenthood by Ivana Jokic

Canadian composer Ivana Jokic dedicates this piece to her parents.

She collected the text from friends and family who are parents. 

La Juventud Desesperada by Malina Rauschenfels

"The Desperate Youth" by American Composer Malina Rauschenfels, 

 about children forced into drug cartels and sex trafficking in Latin America

Canadian composer Liam Elliot brought us Blossoms, a poem by Harry Thurston

Performed at the Canadian Music Center - 20 St. Joseph St., Toronto

June 14th, 2016

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