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Terra's Resurgence

On her latest birthday, Julia begins to hear whispers every time she is wasteful. Concerned, she begins to wonder and research about the Environmental Impact we are causing to our planet. Devastated, she learns we are running out of time: and so she goes out to rally a strike for our Earth, for our Water, for our Future! 


As an answer to "Cries of the Earth", our newest Opera through Art Song offers a glimpse to some solutions that have been put in place to offset the damage we have caused to our Flora and Fauna: from agreements between Canada and the United States to protect the Great Lakes, to research on how mycelium can heal and restore ecosystems. But in the end shows the insufficiency of these prospects in reverting the effects caused by our greed and carelessness. 


Our time is running out, and our "home" is on fire. We must ask more from Governments and Corporations who have the power and resources to make real change. We cannot be blindsided by small victories that wont heal our Earth in time. We must demand more radical measures and we ourselves must strive to live a greener way of life. 

The time to act is NOW! 

"Terra's Resurgence" will be released as a 9 part series on YouTube coming soon. 


Stay tuned for more details. 

Photos by Ernesto Raymat

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